Tip for long term Insurance+ Test and go hotels

Tip for long term Insurance+ Test and go hotels Just a quick tip for all of you planning to travel Thailand and being shocked at the absolutely ridiculous insurance prices for longer term traveling; SafetyWing is by far the cheapest from anything else out there(at least to my knowledge, but please update me if you now better).They have $250k medical coverage(incl. Covid), baggage insurance and costs $42pm. Pretty decent. According to some sites it is accepted at ThaiPass as well, just need to upload the Visa Document page.Also, here is a pretty good website for all Test and Go hotels available in BKK/Pattaya/Phuket: https://asq.in.th/You can list them by price then visit the hotel's website to book.It is certainly not easy to travel these days but very much possible with a bit more research. Hope this post helps some!
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