The Holidays are coming!

The Holidays are coming! THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING WE MUST BE PREPARED!I do feel that this is something to discuss when dealing with adrenal fatigue in general but this can also apply to really any illness that someone might have.I wanted to talk about the holidays so that I could give some helpful tips because I have really had some time to think about it. I am also a very organized person and always had a very detailed plan as to how to make things flow in a better way. Being organized was part of my business and I would help people in many ways on how to be more organized in their lives. I have known always that you need to give yourself time, extra time. I have also lived many years now where I have had to accommodate my family’s wants and needs. Friend’s expectations or a partners side of the family. I always felt so much pressure on me to do the right thing by everyone or live up to their standards somehow that I was left always so exhausted in the end. Don’t get me wrong I am well aware that there are always times when you feel you just have to do the right thing for all of you. However, there comes a time in your life especially if you are ill that you now have to start to listen to your own inner voice. You know there is a ME in there, a VALUABLE ME and it is okay to decide to not follow someone else’s rules for you. Just letting you know because usually we will feel guilty and talk ourselves out of what we really feel just to make someone else happy. We need to start paying attention to those RULES and who has made them for you. This is something to think about.I did this small list for you and I made it as simple as possible as to not overwhelm you. I’m sure you have your own strategies but thought perhaps these might help.1. I find making a list is helpful. This way you can check off what you packed or are going to take with you. Start making this list at least 5 days before you are to travel or have to get ready for the specific holiday. Write things down when they come into your head on a scrap piece of paper or take a note in your phone so you can start to compile a larger list when you can.2. If you have to travel somewhere don’t give an exact time as there is often traffic or something that gets in the way of leaving at the exact time. Give them a time frame. Avoid shopping the day of the holiday since stores are crowded and the parking lots are crazy and the general vibe is frantic. Get gas for your car the day before. You want to keep stress down so really think beforehand if you have everything before you leave. We all know how frustrating it is when you are on the road and you realize that you have forgotten something. More STRESS!3. If you have to drive in the car with someone and the way that they drive stresses you out or actually scares you just ask them if they could please slow down. You need to feel safe and if you don’t this causes a large amount of stress on you. You certainly will remember them if they didn’t slow down for you.4. If you don’t feel up to travelling some place and feel as if you can host the holiday at your house do so. You have to weigh in on which seems like it will be less stressful for you.5. Because of COVID-19 many people really have to rethink the holidays and how they are going to handle them. If you are concerned about COVID-19 just say so.6. Leave early if you feel that you need to. You did go and you must feel its okay to leave when you want to. Don’t beat yourself up that you need to leave. Feeling guilty for what you need to do will only hurt you. If someone is upset it is their problem not yours.7. Remember, if someone is stressing you out while you are trying to get ready or while you are at the gathering, try to walk away from them if you can to regroup. Many people feel a lot of pressure and stress on them these days. Say you have to go to the restroom or get something in the other room, and while you are in there take some breaths and tell yourself that you are okay and everything will be okay. Talk to yourself in a pleasant way. Don’t beat yourself up for anything, this thinking only hurts you. Ultimately be sure to be in control of you.Managing stress these days is very challenging but there are little strategies that you have in your toolbox so use them.We are responsible for ourselves in how we feel. We have to take back our power for ourselves. We have given away our power too often and this is just one of the reasons that we are ill today. We need to listen to our true selves now. The illness is here to help us to look deeper. Who are we now? What do we want to do with all of this valuable information that we have now? What do we want to create? How do we want to live (OUR) lives? My illness has taught me so many valuable lessons that I would not have learned otherwise. I am listening to my TRUE SELF now. It was time for me to WAKE UP and I did but I almost had to die first. I was given a second chance. You have a second chance too.Lots of love to all,
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