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Travel News 16 august 2021 uk travel news 16 august 2021 travel trips news. Things to do before traveling. Featured tourism news. Tourism Travel shopping news. Travel news before 16 august. in travel news today is 16 august

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The mysterious Chinese fashion app that's as popular as Amazon

Every night before bed, Anushka Sachan whips out her phone to log into an app."It kind of becomes a habit," said the 20-year-old Hong Kong University student. "Before sleeping, I'm just like, 'Okay, check in.'"The platform Sachan is using belongs to a Chinese brand called Shein — pronounced "She In" — which has rapidly attracted a global army of teen fans on TikTok. world travel like

Death toll from 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti rises to over 700 people

The Haitian government declared a state of emergency after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the country Saturday, leaving at least 724 people dead and injuring another 2,800, according to Haiti's civil protection agency.The majority of deaths occurred in the south of the country, where 500 people are known to have died. The quake destroyed 2,868 homes and damaged another 5,410, officials from the agency said. The destruction has also pushed hospitals to the brink and blocked roads that would carry vital supplies.

At least 4 people presumed dead after mudslides hit Japan

At least four people are presumed dead and two are missing after torrential rain triggered mudslides throughout Japan.Three of those victims in Nagano prefecture's Okaya City were presumed dead, though workers were able to pull out five people alive. Authorities said Friday that a 59-year-old woman in Unzen, Nagasaki prefecture, was killed after her home was destroyed in a landslide. Two of her family members remain missing but not yet presumed dead, local official Ai Iwaoka said Sunday. Iwoka said more than 330 responders have been deployed to conduct rescue operations in Unzen.

Death toll from Turkey floods rises to 58

Flash floods across Turkey's Black Sea coast have killed 58 people, officials said Sunday.The country's Natural Disasters and Emergency Directorate (AFAD) said in a statement that 48 people died in theKastamonu province, nine people died in Sinop and one person died in Bartin.Eight people are also receiving treatment in hospitals for injuries sustained in the devastating floods in the northern provinces -- the second environmental catastrophe to hit the country this month.
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