The Complete Guide of Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh

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Actually Cool Things to Do in Pittsburgh Right Now,The Complete Guide of Things to Do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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It’s a region whose total population is barely two and a half million, but it is one of the most culturally resplendent cities in the US that you will ever get to visit. Located in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is composed of little ‘pockets’ of neighborhoods tucked away somewhere, each of which has something unique to offer even the most finicky tourists.

It may not necessarily be a tourist’s hub, but Pittsburgh is a treasure trove of great places to visit, a rich culture to immerse yourself in, really good food and friendly folks. It’s also naturally scenic where drinks can be cheaply had.

To give you a quick preview, here’s a glimpse at the cities that Pittsburgh is made up of. First, there’s the Golden Triangle downtown which is an economic and cultural hub. The college neighborhood of Oakland is considered as Pittsburgh’s second downtown where quieter residential areas, a shopping district, parks and other institutions can b found.

Up next is the East End-North district which is bustling with shops and restaurants. On the North Side is what can be considered as the city’s sports center where Pittsburgh’s major league sports team can be found. Finally, there’s the hilly region on the South Side which offers a great view of the city.

How to Experience a Little of Everything that Pittsburgh has to Offer

If you’re in a neighboring state and you haven’t ventured out to Pennsylvania yet, now is as good a time as any to book a flight. Airfares to Pittsburgh are amazingly cheap and the opening of the new Fairmont Hotel opens up a travelling experience which is chockfull of exciting possibilities.

So what are the can’t skip cultural experiences that you will get to have when travelling to Pittsburgh? Take a look at this list of the top 5 ways to experience the city:

5 Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh

  • Sample what the local cuisine has to offer.

Food tripping is one aspect of travelling that most people enjoy – and this is an area where Pittsburgh will not disappoint. The cuisine here has developed from something that’s a bit too simple for those with adventurous taste buds. However, the restaurant industry has branched out into a unique farm-to-table dining experience, to offering some sumptuously tasty, all-American dishes. Coffee and the local brew are also must-try’s.

  • Shop, shop, shop!

Pittsburgh is one of the few cities in the US where you can truly indulge in an all-out shopping experience. Check out the Strip District which is famous for its wholesale markets, as well as the Pittsburgh Public Market which you can visit during weekends.

  • Check out some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the area.

Lawrenceville is one of the hippest neighbouhoods in Pittsburgh where you can stop by to get a dose of the local culture. While you’re at it, discover why the Dozen bakery has become all the rage in this town. Another neighborhood where you can go on a scary quest is the one along Monongahela River, where empty towns and industrial sites are the highlights of your trip.

  • Sample the local culture – which can be had cheaply!

Pittsburgh is perhaps the only city in the US where opera tickets and entrance fees to theater plays can be had cheaply, and they’re equally enjoyable as the local sports games.

  • Hit one of the local tourist spots.

The Monongahela Incline, Point State Park, the Carnegie Museums, Kennywood and the Cathedral of Learning are just some of the local tourist spots in Pittsburgh that you can visit.

Whether you’re having a quick weekend stopover or if you are planning to soak in the local culture for a longer time, there is definitely something that will tickle your travelling fancy when visiting Pittsburgh.

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