Mother’s Day On A Budget [Tips]

It’s that time of year again, the day is approaching when we honor our mothers or the mothers of our children. Like all holidays there is someone or something being honored, but this doesn’t mean it has to cost your entire paycheck. We all lead busy lives, so its important to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy Mother’s Day without emptying your wallet.

Frugal Fanatic recently wrote a great piece “Save Money On Mothers Day”. She suggests at a minimum that every mom should have the day off, they’ve earned it and they should enjoy it. This doesn’t cost you anything except time and money, but this shows that you value what they do on a regular basis.

Frugal Fanatic also goes on to suggest breakfast in bed as another option to show your love. This is perfect for a husband or an entire family, no matter what you decide to prepare. Put effort into this, make her a card, set the table, prepare something fresh and make sure to offer her favorite juice, tea or travel like

Making meals at home can sometimes take a day or more including prep time, but it doesn’t have to. Frugal Novice has pulled together 3 mouth watering meals that each take about 20 minutes to make. Our favorite of these is “Reinvented Beef Stroganoff”, a nice well-balanced meal. This meal is perfect, since the required ingredients are common in most kitchens. We like that this meal gives you the flexibility to remove or substitute items without dramatically altering the dish. You can easily substitute chicken for beef to make the meal leaner and also serve the meat separately to include vegetarian diets.

Make the most of Mother’s Day and let Find&Save help you earn cash back at your favorite stores. Whatever you choose to show your love, it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or take a longtime to prepare. Mothers appreciate the effort that goes into whatever you do, since they most often do things like this on a daily basis.

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