Devil’s Table Turkey Ayvalık

Devil’s Table Ayvalık

Ayvalık is undoubtedly one of the most preferred holiday destinations especially in the summer months.Thanks to the beauty of both the natural beauty of the islands where the sea and the beach has become the focus of many domestic and foreign tourists.Ayvalik is one of the most remarkable and most visited places that comes to mind when you say Ayvalik is the Devil’s Table .Devil’s Table impressed visitors both its story and its magnificient view.

Devil’s Table Turkey Ayvalık

Information About Devil’s Table

Ayvalik Devil’s Table is a hill located approximately 8 kilometers from the center of Ayvalik.This hill is well-known for its pit named Devil’’s Footprint Trail and Devil’s Table Story.It also has a beautiful view and a sunset view.Another feature of the Devil’s Table on the high hills is that all of the Ayvalık Islands and the Midilli Island are clearly visible.This hill is an old lava deposit with a rounded appearance and is said to look like a Table .

Devil’s Table Devil’s Footprint
One of the most important places in Ayvalık Devil’s Table is a footprint shaped pit.Those who come here will definitely visit this section and wish for it and leave money here.This pit, known as the “devil’s footprint”, has a mythical story at the same time.

According to this story, Zeus has a milk mother.Zeus, the milk mother named Ida, feared that it would harm Zeus, and one day she fired the devil.It is believed that this devil has three legs and one of his footsteps he left while escaping is in the skirts of the Ida mountain, one in Midilli and the other in Devil’s Table .This story, which attracted the attention of those who came here, made it possible to get this name.

Devil’s Table Story

Ayvalık Devil’s Table is a famous place with its own legend as well as the view and the pit called the Foot of the Devil that is there.This legend, which attracts as much attention as the image of the devil’s Table , is developing as follows.

Greeks live in the Ayvalık region, which is dominated by the Ottoman Empire in the 1500’s years.One of these Greeks will be fired by the church.This Greek Cypriot named Pelenelope settles in this hill which is located in Ayvalik and is called Devil’s Table , and starts living here.One year, there is a very severe drought, and the people come to this hill to kill it, thinking that this is because of the Pelenelope against the church.When Pelenelope is aware of this situation, he prepares a very rich Table and allows them to Table .The people who are already hungry because of drought, when they see this very rich Table , forget to kill Pelenelope and start to eat their food, and Pelenelope flees from there and escapes death knowing this opportunity.Thus, there is called the Devil’s Table .

Where and how to go to the Devil’s Table ?

Devil’s Table is located in the province of Balikesir and the district of Ayvalik.Those who want to see all these beauties that they have are wondering exactly where this place is and how it is going.The way to the devil’s Table is as follows;

To reach here, you have to go towards Sarımsaklı from Ayvalik center and you can reach to the top with the sign boards.You can go along the coast road or you can enter through Sarimsakli entrance on Izmir road.Just follow the signs when you get to the beach after entering this entrance.After that, you will arrive at the top after an elevation of approximately 1 kilometer.


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