Vigo in Spain. İnformation Travel Guide

Vigo is a city is western Spain, located on the Atlantic Ocean coast in Ria de Vigo bay. The city is important trade center and largest in the region of Galicia. Vigo has population of 300,000 citizens, who are engaged mostly in fishing industry, shipbuilding, agriculture and of course tourism.

Vigo is the largest fishing port in Europe, the home port of the largest fishing company in the world Pescanova and the seat of the future European Fisheries Agency.

 Definitely the fishing is the main industry in Vigo, but also travelers and tourists like this city, because of its wide beaches, calm weather and really great accommodations. Of course together with the beaches and parks, the guests of the city have a lot of attractions and sightseeings, which will attract them during the vacation. Interesting sight is the historical centre Casco Vello, where can find some great architecture buildings, see museums and historical objects.

The modern centers of the city are Porta do Sol, Policarpo Sanz and Alameda area, which together with the commercial area of Príncipe and Urzaiz Streets attracts the young people, who want to enjoy the life and parties. Here there are a lot of entertainments and clubs, which will make your vacation really remarkable.

 Also in Vigo you may see the Celtic Castro ruins, Castro fortress, Cathedral of Santa Maria de Vigo and Auditorium Mar de Vigo. The culture life in the city is consisted of Naturnova Museum, Museum of the Sea, Museum of Castrelos, Galician Center of Photography and Ethnographic Museum Liste. Definitely this is wonderful place where can enjoy really visiting interetsing places, which will educate you and describe you large part of Vigo’s atmosphere.


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